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Beijing Subway Map

The Beijing Subway network consists of 19 different lines and 345 stations. It is the busiest rapid transit network in the world, with more than 3.65 billion passengers travelling on its lines each year (200 millions more than the second busiest transit system, the Shanghai Metro, also in China), and 10 millions every day! Below, you can have a look on the Beijing Subway Map.

beijing subway map
Beijing Subway Map (Source Ran and Hat600/CC BY 2.0)

Beijing Subway Lines

Line 1

Line 1 operates between Pingguoyuan and Sihui East stations. Line 1 is also known as the Red line.

Line 2

Line 2 runs in a loop between Xizhimen and Jishuitan stations, in the city center. Line 2 is also called the Blue Line.

Line 4

Line 4 operates from Anheqiao North to Xingong and Tiangongyuan stations. It is represented as the Teal Line.

Line 5

Line 5 runs between Tiantongyuan North station and Songjiazhuang. It is also known as the Maroon line.

Line 6

Line 6 operates between Haidian Wuluju and Lucheng stations. Line 6 is also called the Brown Line.

Line 7

Line 7 runs from Beijing West Railway Station and Jiaohuachang. Line 7 is represented as the Buff line.

Line 8

Line 8 operates between Zhuxinzhuang and Nanluoguxiang station. It is also known as the Green line.

Line 9

Line 9 runs between the National Library station and Guogongzhuang. Line 9’s color is Chartreuse.

Line 10

Line 10 operates in a loop between Bagou and Huoqiying stations. It is represented as the Sky Blue Line on the Beijing Subway map.

Line 13

Line 13 runs from Xizhimen station and Dongzhimen. Line 13 is also called the Yellow Line.

Line 14

The Western segment of Line 14 operates from Zhangguozhuang to Xiju station. The Eastern segment of the line runs between Beijing South Railway Station and Shan’gezhuang. Line 14’s color is Dark Pink.

Line 15

Line 15 runs from Qinghuadongluxikou to Fengbo stations. Line 15 is also known as the Purple Line.

Line 16

Line 16 operates between Beianhe station and Xiyuan. It is represented on the map with a dark-moderate green color.

Batong Line

The Batong Line runs between Sihui and Tuqiao station. The Batong Line’s color is Red, just as Line 1.

Changping Line

The Changping Line operates from Xi’erqi station to Changping Xishankou. The Changping Line is also known as the Pink line.

Daxing Line

The Daxing Line runs from Gongyixiqiao to Tiangongyuan station. It is represented on the Beijing Subway map with a teal color, just as Line 4.

Fangshan Line

The Fangshan Line operates between Guogongzhuang and Suzhuang stations. The Fangshan Line is also called the Orange Line.

Yizhuang Line

The Yizhuang Line runs between Songjiazhuang and Ciqu stations. The Yizhuang Line’s color is Mauve.

Airport Express Line

The Airport Express Line operates from Dongzhimen station to Terminals 2 and 3 of Beijing Capital International Airport. It is represented with a grey color on the subway map.

Beijing Subway Schedule

The first train on the 19 lines of the subway network of Beijing leaves the first station between 5 AM and 6 AM. The last train can be taken between 10 PM and 10:45 PM. There are no trains running at night. You can check the Beijing Subway schedule in details on the MTR website.

Ticket Price

A single journey ticket in the Beijing Subway is based on the length of your journey. The pricing itself is pretty easy. It will cost you 3 Yuan if you ride the subway no more than on a distance of 6 km, 4 Yuan between 7 and 12 km, 5 Yuan between 13 and 22 km, 6 Yuan between 23 and 32 km. Note that you will have to pay 1 Yuan for every 20 km if your journey will exceed 32 km.