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Berlin Metro Map

The Berlin Metro network is composed of 9 lines which allow passengers to reach most neigbourhoods of the German capital city. These lines are labelled with different colours. The U-Bahn is connected to bus lines which serve the 3 airports of Berlin. It is the busiest transit network of Germany with its 540 millions passengers using it annually, far above Munich Metro. You can check below the Berlin Metro Map.

berlin metro map
Berlin Metro Map (Source My Friend/CC BY-SA 3.0)

Berlin Metro Lines

U1 Line

The U1 Line operates between Uhlandstraße and Warschauer Straße stations. It is the Green Line on the map.
The Oberbaum Bridge and the East Side Gallery, 2 symbols of Berlin’s unity following the breach of the Berlin Wall, as well as the Mercedes-Benz Arena, a multipurpose indoor arena that hosts concerts of the biggest world stars, are located at walking distance from Warschauer Straße station. The Amerika Gedenkbibliothek, one of the most important public libraries of the German capital city, and the Jewish Museum in Berlin can be accessed from Hallesches Tor, while Breitscheidplatz and the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church can be visited from Kurfürstendamm U-Bahn station.

U2 Line

The U2 Line runs from Ruhleben station to Pankow. U2 is also known as the Red Line.
There are many interesting sites located close to U2 line stations. You can for example have a walk on Alexanderplatz from Berlin Alexanderplatz station or visit the Berlin Zoological Garden from Berlin Zoologischer Garten railway station. The Technical University of Berlin is accessible from Ernst-Reuter-Platz while the Olympiastadion, the largest stadium in Germany that holds most of the home games of the National German team of football, is located close to the metro station that holds the same name.

U3 Line

The U3 Line runs between Nollendorfplatz and Krumme Lanke. The U3 Line is represented on the subway map wih the teal color.
There 2 important universities that can be accessed with the U3 line, the Berlin University of the Arts from Spichernstraße and the Free University of Berlin from Freie Universität (Thielplatz) U-Bahn station. You can also visit the German Museum of Technology after a quick walk from Gleisdreieck metro station.

U4 Line

The U4 Line operates from Nollendorfplatz station to Innsbrucker Platz. It is the Yellow Line on the metro map.
It is the second-shortest line of the network after the U55 extension line ,serving only 5 stations on its 3 kilometres long route. There are no major tourist sites located on the U4 route.

U5 Line

The U5 Line operates between Alexanderplatz and Hönow stations. U5 is also known as the Brown Line.
Line 5 serves very few interesting sites from a tourist point of view, we can however notice that Alexanderplatz and Tierpark Berlin can be accessed from U5. Berlin-Lichtenberg, an important railway station is also located on the U5 route. You can take there the EuroNight train, that runs Paris to Moscow.

The U55 Extension runs from Hauptbahnhof to Brandenburger Tor. With just 3 stations served over 1.5 kilometres, it is the shortest line of the Berlin Metro.
Berlin Hauptbahnhof, the major railway station in Berlin is one of the 3 stations on the U5 metro line. You can take there a train to Munich, Prague or Amsterdam. The Reichstag building, where the German parliament sits, is accessible from Bundestag station, while the Pariser Platz and the Brandenburg Gate can be visited after a short walk from Berlin Brandenburger Tor metro station.

U6 Line

The U6 Line runs from Alt-Tegel to Alt-Mariendorf station. It is the Purple Line on the subway map.
Checkpoint Charlie, the famous Berlin Wall crossing point, was located very close to Kochstraße station. U6 is an important line in terms of transportation, you can take a bus to Berlin Tegel Airport from Kurt-Schumacher-Platz U-Bahn station, and a regional train from Berlin Friedrichstraße station, the most important railway station within the German capital city. You can also visit the Natural History Museum ater a short walk from Naturkundemuseum metro station.

U7 Line

The U7 Line operates between Rathaus Spandau and Rudowstations. U7 is represented on the metro map wih the sky blue color.
Despite being the longest line of the Berlin U-Bahn network, U7 does not cross the city centre. There are therefore not many interesting sites on the line, but we can highlight the Spandau Citadel, that is located close to Zitadelle station. There is the possibility to take a bus to Berlin Schönefeld Airport from Rudow.

U8 Line

The U8 Line operates from Wittenau to Hermannstraße. The U8 Line is the Dark Blue Line on the map.
U8 serves AlexanderPlatz public square where you can see the World Clock or have a walk to the Fernsehturm. It is also possible to take a train to Cologne or Frankfurt at Berlin-Gesundbrunnen station.

U9 Line

The U9 Line runs between Osloer Straße and Rathaus Steglitz. It is also known as the Orange Line.
The Berlin Zoological Garden can be accessed after a short walk from the metro station that holds the same name. You can also visit the famous Café Kranzler that is located very close to Kurfürstendamm U-Bahn station.