Chicago Subway Map

Chicago Subway Map

The Chicago Subway network, also known as Chicago L, is made of 145 stations over 8 different lines, labelled with colours. It is the second busiest rapid transit system in the US, with around 250 millions passengers using it every year.You can find below the Chicago L Map.

chicago subway map
Chicago Subway Map (Source Sameboat/CC BY-SA 4.0)

Chicago Subway Lines

Red Line

The Red line runs from Howard to 95th/Dan Ryan station.

Blue Line

The Blue line operates from O’Hare to Forest Park station

Brown Line

The Brown line runs from Kimball station to Clark/Lake.

Green Line

The Green line operates from Harlem/Lake to Ashland/63rd and Cottage Grove stations.

Orange Line

The Orange line runs from Midway station to Adams/Wabash.

Purple Line

The Purple line operates from Linden to Howard and Washington/Wells stations.

Pink Line

The Pink line runs from 54th/Cermak station to Washington/Wells.

Yellow Line

The Yellow line operates from Dempster-Skokie to Howard station.