Berlin Metro Map

Berlin Metro Map

The Berlin Metro network is composed of 9 lines which allow passengers to reach most neigbourhoods of the German capital city. These lines are labelled with different colours. The U-Bahn is connected to bus lines which serve the 3 airports of Berlin. It is the busiest transit network of Germany with its 540 millions passengers using it annually, far above Muich Metro. You can check below the Berlin Metro Map.

berlin metro map
Berlin Metro Map (Source My Friend/CC BY-SA 3.0)

Berlin Metro Lines

U1 Line

The U1 Line operates between Uhlandstraße and Warschauer Straße stations. It is the Green Line on the map.

U2 Line

The U2 Line runs from Ruhleben station to Pankow. U2 is also known as the Red Line.

U3 Line

The U3 Line runs between Nollendorfplatz and Krumme Lanke. The U3 Line is represented on the subway map wih the teal color.

U4 Line

The U4 Line operates from Nollendorfplatz station to Innsbrucker Platz. It is the Yellow Line on the metro map.

U5 Line

The U5 Line operates between Alexanderplatz and Hönow stations. U5 is also known as th Brown Line.

The U55 Extension runs from Hauptbahnhof to Brandenburger Tor.

U6 Line

The U6 Line runs from Alt-Tegel to Alt-Mariendorf station. It is the Purple Line on the subway map.

U7 Line

The U7 Line operates between Rathaus Spandau and Rudowstations. U7 is represented on the metro map wih the sky blue color.

U8 Line

The U8 Line operates from Wittenau to Hermannstraße. The U8 Line is the Dark Blue Line on the map.

U9 Line

The U9 Line runs between Osloer Straße and Rathaus Steglitz. It is also known as the Orange Line.