Boston Subway Map

Boston Subway Map

The Boston Subway network, also known as MBTA Subway, is made of 3 heavy rail lines, labelled with colours, the Blue, Green and Red lines, and 2 light rail lines, the Green and Silver lines. There is a total of 133 stations served by the MBTA Subway. Below, you can have a look on the Boston Subway Map.

boston subway map
Boston Subway Map (Source Michael Kvrivishvili/CC BY 3.0)

Boston Subway Lines

Blue Line

The Blue Line operates from Wonderland station to Bowdoin.

Green Line

The main Green Line operates between Lechmere and Kenmore stations. There are 4 additionnal branches on the Green line.
The B Branch runs from Blandford Street station to Boston College.
The C Branch operates from St. Marys Street to Cleveland Circle station.
The D Branch runs between Fenway station and Riverside.
The E Branch operates between Prudential and Heath Street station.

Orange Line

The Orange Line runs from Oak Grove to Forrest Hills station.

Red Line

The Red Line runs from Alewife to Ashmont and Braintree stations. There is an additional light-rail service called Ashmont-Mattapan High Speed Line which makes makes the connection between Ashmont and Mattapan stations.

Silver Line

The Silver Line is a bus rapid transit which is composed of 4 routes:
The SL1 operates between Logan Airport and South Station via Waterfront.
The SL2 runs from Design Center to South Station via Waterfront.
The SL4 operates from Dudley Station to South Station at Essex Street.
The SL5 runs between Dudley Station and Downtown via Washington Street.