Budapest Metro Map

Budapest Metro Map

The Budapest Metro network is made of 4 different lines, labelled with yellow, red, blue and green colors. Inaugurated in 1896, it is the second oldest transit system in the world, its first line opened 6 years after the London Underground. You can have a look below on the Budapest Metro Map.

budapest metro map
Budapest Metro Map (Source Vampeare/GNU Free Documentation License)

Budapest Metro Lines

Line 1

Line 1 runs from Vörösmarty tér to Mexikói út station. Also known as M1, this line is labelled with the yellow color on the subway map.

Line 2

Line 2 operates between Déli pályaudvar and Örs vezér tere stations. It is the Red line on the map, also known as M2.

Line 3

Line 3 runs between Kőbánya-Kispest station and Újpest-Központ. It is labelled with the blue color on the metro map, and is also called M3.

Line 4

Line 4 operates from Kelenföld vasútállomás to Keleti pályaudvar station. Line 4 can be recognized on the subway map with its green color. It is also known as M4.