Chicago Subway Map

Chicago Subway Map

The Chicago Subway network, also known as Chicago L, is made of 145 stations over 8 different lines, labelled with colours. It is the second busiest rapid transit system in the US, with around 250 millions passengers using it every year, far behind the New York Subway and its 1750 annual passengers. You can find below the Chicago Subway Map.

chicago subway map
Chicago Subway Map (Source Sameboat/CC BY-SA 4.0)

Chicago Subway Lines

Red Line

The Red line runs from Howard to 95th/Dan Ryan station.

Blue Line

The Blue line operates from O’Hare to Forest Park station.

Brown Line

The Brown line runs from Kimball station to Clark/Lake.

Green Line

The Green line operates from Harlem/Lake to Ashland/63rd and Cottage Grove stations.

Orange Line

The Orange line runs from Midway station to Adams/Wabash.

Purple Line

The Purple line operates from Linden to Howard and Washington/Wells stations.

Pink Line

The Pink line runs from 54th/Cermak station to Washington/Wells.

Yellow Line

The Yellow line operates from Dempster-Skokie to Howard station.