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San Francisco BART Map

The San Francisco Subway network, also known as BART, consists of 6 lines and 46 stations. It serves the San Francisco Bay Area, including Oakland International Airport. Inaugurated in 1901, it is the second oldest transit system in the US, just behind the Chicago Subway which was built in 1897. You can have a look below on the San Francisco BART Map.

san francisco bart map
San Francisco BART Map (Source

San Francisco BART Lines

Richmond–Daly City/Millbrae line

The Richmond–Daly City/Millbrae line operates from Richmond in the north to Daly City and Millbrae stations in the southwest.
Trains on this line operate only from monday to saturday. There is no evening service on weekdays and saturdays, and no service at all on sundays.
4 stations of the Richmond–Daly City/Millbrae line serve Market Street, while Embarcadero station is located at walking distance from Embarcadero Center and the San Francisco Ferry Building.

Richmond–Warm Springs/South Fremont line

The Richmond–Warm Springs/South Fremont line runs from Richmond station in the north to Warm Springs/South Fremont in the southeast. It is the only BART line that does not cross the San Francisco Bay. Also called as East Bay Line or Land Line, it was the first line of the BART network, inaugurated in 1972.
The Richmond–Warm Springs/South Fremont line will be extended to the city of San José in 2019. You can access the Oracle Arena and Oakland Coliseum by a walk from Oakland Coliseum station. James Logan High School is accessible from Union City station, while Oakland City Center shopping center is located close to 12th Street Oakland City Center station.

Warm Springs/South Fremont–Daly City line

The Warm Springs/South Fremont–Daly City line operates between Warm Springs/South Fremont in the southeast and Daly City stations in the west. The extension of the line to Berryessa station is San José is under construction and will be effective from 2019.
Trains on the line run only until 7 PM from monday to saturday. The line is closed on Sundays.
The Oracle Arena sport complex and Oakland Coliseum, home of the Oakland Raiders in NFL and Oakland Athletics of MLB, are accessible from Oakland Coliseum station. Warm Springs/South Fremont–Daly City line also serves important transit buildings, such as Salesforce Transit Center and the San Francisco Ferry Building.

Pittsburg/Bay Point–SFO/Millbrae line

The Pittsburg/Bay Point–SFO/Millbrae line runs from Pittsburg/Bay Point in the northeast to SFO/Millbrae station in the southwest. It is the busiest line on the BART network, the main reason being that it serves San Francisco International Airport.
The e-BART extension was opened in 2018 to link Pittsburg/Bay Point station to Antioch. Transfer is available through a cross platform interchange.

Dublin/Pleasanton–Daly City line

The Dublin/Pleasanton–Daly City line operates from Dublin/Pleasanton station in the east to Daly City a in the west. The line was inaugurated in 2007 and has a total of 18 stations.
The line, coloured with blue on the San Francisco BART map, is one of the 4 lines that stop at Oakland Coliseum station, which is the closest station to the Oracle Arena and the Oakland–Alameda County Coliseum, both part of the Oakland Coliseum sport complex. Transbay Transit Center is located very close to Embarcadero and Montgomery Street stations, while Market Street is served by 4 different stations.

Coliseum–Oakland Int’l Airport line

The Coliseum–Oakland Int’l Airport line runs between Coliseum station and Oakland Int’l Airport in the center of the BART network. Also known as the BART to OAK line, it opened in 2014 and is therefore the newest BART line. With a length of 3 miles, it only serves Oakland Coliseum station, which is the closest station to the Oracle Arena, home of the Golden Gate Warriors NBA team, and Oakland International Airport.

San Francisco BART Schedule

On weekdays, the first train runs on each of the 6 lines around 4 AM. The last train reaches its terminal station around 1 AM, except on Red and Green lines, on which trains do not operate at late hours.

On Saturdays, trains operates from 6 AM in the morning. The Richmond–Daly City/Millbrae and Warm Springs/South Fremont–Daly City line are closed on Sundays, while the other 4 lines are opened from 8 AM.

You can check schedules of every BART line on the Official BART website

San Francisco BART Fares

BART Ticket price is based on the distance of your journey. You can purchase your ticket at all BART station. You basically buy credit that can be used during your journey. You can save money by purchasing a so-called High-Value or blue ticket. You can pay $45 or $60 and get $48 or $64 credit to ride the San Francisco BART network.

Daily commuter have the possibility to purchase a Clipper Card in order to get additional discounts on their regular journeys on BART.