Seoul Subway Map

Seoul Subway Map

The Seoul Metropolitan Subway network consists of 21 lines which are ran by different operators. It is 331 km long, and serves more than 250 stations. With 2850 millions passengers each year, it is the third busiest transit network in the world, behind the Subway Metro and the Shanghai Metro. You can find below the Seoul Subway Map.

seoul subway map
Seoul Subway Map (Source IRTC1015/Public Domain)

Seoul Subway Lines

Line 1

Line 1 runs from Soyosan to Incheon and Sinchang stations. It is the dark blue line on the map.

Line 2

The main portion of Line 2 runs in a loop from the City Hall to Chungjeongno. Line 2 is represented on the map in green.
The Seongsu Branch operates between Seongsu and Sinseol-dong stations.
The Sinjeong Branch runs between Sindorim and Kkachisan stations.

Line 3

Line 3 operates from Daehwa station to Ogeum. Line 3 is the Orange Line.

Line 4

Line 4 operates between Danggogae and Oido station. It is known as the Blue Line.

Line 5

Line 5, also called the Purple Line, runs from Banghwa to Sangil-dong and Macheon stations.

Line 6

Line 6 runs between Eungam station and Bonghwasan. It is the ochre line on the map.

Line 7

Line 7 operates between Jangam and Bupyeong-gu Office. Line 7 is labelled on the map with a grey color.

Line 8

Line 8 runs from Amsa to Moran station. Line 8 is the Pink Line in the map.

Line 9

Line 9 operates from Gaehwa station to Sports Complex station. It is represented with a light brown color.


The AREX Line operates between Seoul Station and Incheon International Airport. The Arex Line is labelled on the map with a blue color.

Gyeongui–Jungang Line

The Gyeongui–Jungang Line runs from Munsan to Jipyeong station. It is represented on the map with a light green color.
The Seoul Station Branch operates between Gajwa and Seoul Station.

Gyeongchun Line

The Gyeongchun Line runs from Cheongnyangni to Kwangwoon University and Chuncheon stations. The Gyeongchun Line is labelled on the map with a slightly darker green color.

Bundang Line

The Bundang Line operates between Wangsimni and Suwon stations. It is represented on the map with a yellow color.

Suin Line

The Suin Lineruns between Incheon station and Oido. The Suin Line is also labelled on the map with a yellow color.

Shinbundang Line

The Shinbundang Line operates from Gangnam to Gwanggyo station. It is the dark red line on the map.

Incheon Line 1

The Incheon Line 1runs between Gyeyang and International Business District. The Incheon Line 1 is labelled on the map with a very light blue color.

Incheon Line 2

The Incheon Line 2operates between Geomdan Oryu station and Unyeon. The Incheon Line 2 is represented with an orange color on the map.


The EverLine operates from Giheung to Jeondae – Everland station. The line is colored with green on the subway map.

U Line

The U Line runs from Balgok station to Tapseok. It is the light orange line on the map.

Gyeonggang Line

The Gyeonggang Line operates between Pangyo and Yeoju stations. The Gyeonggang Line is labelled on the map with a dark blue color.