Shanghai Metro Map

Shanghai Metro Map

The Shanghai Metro network consists of 14 different lines and 364 stations. It is the longest rapid transit in the world with its 588 km route length. The Shanghai Metro is the second busiest metro network in the world, just behind the Beijing Subway. If you want to have a look on it, you can check below the Shanghai Metro Map.

shanghai metro map
Shanghai Metro Map (Source Daniel129/CC BY 4.0)

Shanghai Metro Lines

Line 1

Line 1 operates from Xinzhuang to Fujin Road station. This is the Red Line.

Line 2

Line 2 operates between East Xujing station and Pudong International Airport. It is labelled on the subway map with a light green color.

Line 3

Line 3 runs from Shanghai South Railway Station to North Jiangyang Road. It is known as the Yellow Line.

Line 4

Line 4 runs in a loop between Yishan Road and Shanghai Indoor Stadium stations. Line 4 is the Purple Line.

Line 5

Line 5 operates from Xinzhuang station to Minhang Development Zone. You can find it on the subway map as the Violet Line.

Line 6

Line 6 runs between Gangcheng Road and Oriental Sports Center stations. Line 6 is the Magenta Line.

Line 7

Line 7 operates between Meilan Lake station and Huamu Road. It is labelled on the subway map with the orange color.

Line 8

Line 8 operates between Shiguang Road and Shendu Highway stations. Line 8 is also called the Blue Line.

Line 9

Line 9 runs from Songjiang South Railway Station to Middle Yanggao Road. It is labelled on the subway map with a light blue color.

Line 10

Line 10 runs from Xinjiangwancheng to Hangzhong Road and Hongqiao Railway Station. Line 10 is the Mauve Line on the map.

Line 11

Line 11 operates from Disney Resort to North Jiading and Huaqiao stations. It is the Brown Line on the subway map.

Line 12

Line 12 operates between Qixin Road station and Jinhai Road. Line 12 is known as the Green Line.

Line 13

Line 13 runs between Jinyun Road station and Shibo Avenue. It is the Pink Line.

Line 16

Line 16 operates between Longyang Road and Dishui Lake stations. Line 16 is the Turquoise Line on the map.