Tokyo Subway Map

Tokyo Subway Map

The Tokyo Subway is made of 2 different rapid transit networks, the Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway. There are 13 different lines which serve 285 stations in total. The Tokyo Subway is one of the busiest subway networks in the world, with more than 3 billion passengers travelling on its lines each year, far behind the Beijing Subway though. You can check below the Tokyo Subway Map.

tokyo subway map
Tokyo Subway Map (Source Hisagi/CC BY-SA 3.0)

Tokyo Subway Lines

Asakusa Line

The Asakusa Line, or Line 1, operates between Nishi-magome and Oshiage stations. The Asakusa Line is shown in pink on the map.

Hibiya Line

The Hibiya Line, or Line 2, runs from Naka-Meguro station to Kita-Senju. It is labelled on the subway map with the silver color.

Ginza Line

The Ginza Line, or Line 3, operates from Shibuya to Asakusa station. It is the Orange Line on the subway map.

Marunouchi Line

The Marunouchi Line, or Line 4, runs from Ikebukuro to Ogikubo and Hōnanchō stations. The Marunouchi Line is shown in red on the map.

Tozai Line

The Tozai Line, or Line 5, operates between Nakano and Nishi-Funabashi stations. It is labelled on the subway map with the sky blue color.

Mita Line

The Mita Line, or Line 6, runs from Meguro station to Nishi-Takashimadaira. It is the Blue Line on the subway map.

Namboku Line

The Namboku Line, or Line 7, operates from Meguro to Akabane-Iwabuchi station. The Namboku Line is represented with the teal color on the map.

Yurakucho Line

The Yurakucho Line, or Line 8, operates between Wakōshi and Shin-Kiba stations. It is the Gold Line on the subway map.

Chiyoda Line

The Chiyoda Line, or Line 9, runs from Yoyogi-Uehara station to Kita-Ayase. The Chiyoda Line is the Green Line.

Shinjuku Line

The Shinjuku Line, or Line 10, runs between Shinjuku and Motoyawata stations. It is labelled on the subway map with the leaf green color.

Hanzōmon Line

The Hanzōmon Line, or Line 11, operates between Shibuya and Oshiage station. It is the Purple Line on the map.

Ōedo Line

The Ōedo Line, or Line 12, operates from Hikarigaoka and runs in a loop between Tochōmae and Shinjuku-Nishiguchi stations. The Ōedo Line is represented with the magenta color on the map.

Fukutoshin Line

The Fukutoshin Line, or Line 13, runs from Wakōshi station to Shibuya. The Fukutoshin Line is the Brown Line.