Vienna Metro Map

Vienna Metro Map

The Vienna Metro network is made of 5 subway lines, which are labelled with the red, purple, orange, green and brown colours. The U-Bahn, in cooperation with the tramway lines, allows its passengers to reach most of the parts of the Austrian capital city. 150 millions riders use the Vienna Metro on a yearly basis, which is quite similar to the Prague Metro. Below you can find the Vienna Metro Map.

vienna metro map
Vienna Metro Map (Source HerrMay/CC BY-SA 3.0)

Vienna Metro Lines

Line U1

Line U1 or Red Line operates between Reumannplatz and Leopoldau stations.

Line U2

Line U2 or Purple Line runs from Karlsplatz to Seestadt station.

Line U3

Line U3 or Orange Line runs between Ottakring and Simmering.

Line U4

Line U4 or Green Line operates from Hütteldorf station to Heiligenstadt.

Line U6

Line U6 or Brown Line operates between Floridsdorf and Siebenhirten stations.